Carpet Installation in Marietta: What Carpet is Best for My Basement?

Before installing carpeting in a basement, homeowners will need to ensure that their basement is completely void of water issues. Apart from existing water problems, high levels of humidity can also be a complication, if you have your heart set on carpet installation in Marietta.

The truth is, sometimes water problems aren't so painfully obvious, particularly if the issues are well hidden. For instance, a leaky gutter can be a real concern even though it isn't technically in your basement. Blocked and leaky gutters result in water build-up, causing moisture to seep into your basement concrete. Does this mean you shouldn't install carpeting in a basement? Certainly, you can, but only after it is inspected for potential moisture problems.

What to Do Before Carpet Installation
Once you've verified that your basement is a go for carpeting, you'll need to ensure that it remains as dry an environment as possible to prevent mildew and mold growth. To minimize humidity, increase air circulation, and create the ideal arid environment, homeowners can install ceiling fans and dehumidifiers. As higher-end carpet has anti-microbial padding, carpet installation in Marietta is a breeze.

As you have addressed any humidity and environmental considerations, carpet installation in Marietta does not need any specific installation methods. Go ahead and pick your favorite carpet! However, since you're choosing carpet for a basement, you want to select something that endures pet wear or high foot-traffic, depending upon your household. Although it may be a room that you rarely use, consider purchasing a premium grade carpet, since you'll surely want your carpet to last.

Choosing Carpet Styles, Piles and Fibers
Aside from matching colors, designs, and styles to your existing decor, you'll want to select a quality carpet, so you're not stuck replacing it soon after renovations. When it comes to basement redesigns, olefin carpet fiber is an attractive choice, as it is chemical-resistant and can handle tough cleaning agents should a particularly nasty carpet mishap occur. Aside from olefin, several other ideal synthetic fiber carpets would work equally well for basements. To check out what trendy new looks are on the market, visit the Select Floors showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, GA.

Although synthetic fiber carpeting tends to fade with direct sunlight, luckily, basement locations limit the likelihood of discoloration. With minimal sunlight and zero water issues, you'll be able to enjoy your new basement carpet installation in Marietta for years.