Bagged versus Bagless Vacuums – Is There a Real Difference?

According to most credible sources, there are few inherent differences between the traditional bagged vacuum cleaner and its newest iteration, the bagless vacuum.

Bagless cleaners have a plastic container to collect the dirt in lieu of bags. Most of today’s bagless vacuum cleaners utilize special technology to separate the dirt with special filters that trap small particles which are then placed into the containers. Basically, the bagless vacuum cleaners use the filters and cups instead of bags to trap dirt and particles.

One of the primary reasons bagless cleaners are so popular today is that it is much easier to empty the filter or cup versus having to check the bag to see if it is full and ready to be emptied. But, are they really more effective when it comes to cleaning your floors? Well, let’s see.

Here are the advantages to bagless vacuum cleaners. Bagless vacuums tend to retain more suction than bagged cleaners. There is also a financial savings associated with not having to replace the bags. One can see the amount of dirt collected in a clear bin versus a bag and the impact on the environment is considerably lessened with bagless vacuums as there are no bags to dispose of.

That said, there are a few detractions to bagless vacuums.

Bagless vacuums can be messy. When emptied, dust and particles can escape and drift into the surrounding environment. Additionally, HEPA filters can be expensive to replace in bagless cleaners. Bagless cleaners require more maintenance than bagged cleaners since filters need to be washed and dried and the bins require periodic cleaning.

Conversely, bagged cleaners simply require the filled bags be tossed and suction is automatically restored.

At the end of the day, most folks agree that differences between bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners are negligible, at best. On one hand, some believe that bagged vacuum cleaners simply work better, clean better, and are more efficient in removing more dirt and debris due to a sealed system. That said, others believe that bagless vacuums, with newer technology, and state of the art HEPA filters simply work better and remove more dirt and debris in highly efficient fashion.

Here’s the bottom line: there are no true advantages to bagless versus bagged vacuum cleaners. So, choose the vacuum cleaner that best fits your lifestyle and needs. Regardless of whether you use a bagged or bagless cleaner, rest assured that your floors will be cleaned equally well.