Does Dip in Atlanta-Area Housing Market Mean Downturn Coming?

If you live in Roswell, you may have heard about the slump in housing sales in Atlanta and be wondering if that problem is heading our way. According to some experts, there is no cause for alarm—yet. This downturn in Atlanta may be the result of nothing more than there being more demand than there is supply. Unlike Roswell, Atlanta's supply of housing inventory is down by about 8 percent, making it hard for buyers to even find a property, much less buy one. A recent story went into detail about this issue. Here is the first part of it:

“A year-over-year comparison shows that home sales in the City of Atlanta fell off a cliff in September — dropping by a startling 121 percent 24 percent versus the same month in 2015, according to a new RE/MAX of Georgia report. Should Atlantans panic, declare that 2007 has returned, and make funeral arrangements for the city’s post-recession boom times? Probably not, Atlanta Agent Magazine opines.”

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