First Impressions: Best Flooring Ideas for your Foyer

Ready or not, the holidays have arrived; and, as we all know, the holidays typically bring hordes of guests into your home. The foot traffic alone is fodder for a blog, but in this piece, we will concentrate on the ideal flooring for your foyer which will not only delight and impress visitors but make your life easier when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

In order to make the best decision when it comes to your entranceway floor, it is advisable to consider the degree of foot traffic. The more traffic your floor experiences, the wiser it is to choose an appropriate floor. Regardless, it is advisable to choose a floor that is easy to maintain, durable, and stain-resistant.

Previously, we discussed a number of eco-friendly flooring options. As it happens, a number of these “green” floors are advisable for use within your entranceway. For instance, bamboo or cork flooring may be an excellent choice. Bamboo, as discussed, is a highly durable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly option. Cork has all of these attributes with the added benefit of resiliency, comfort, and sound absorption. Both cork and bamboo are available in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes.

If you prefer a more traditional type of flooring, marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles are consistently popular choices with the added benefit of easy maintenance and durability. Most tiles available today are stain-resistant as well. Keep in mind these tiles do not offer the same qualities of sound absorption as cork or even bamboo floors.

We cannot conclude this post without mentioning the all-time flooring favorite…hardwoods. Let’s face it: hardwoods, whether engineered or laminated, are not only incredibly durable, long-lasting, and beautiful; they are stain-resistant, relatively easy to maintain, and beautiful to behold. For traditional, striking, and timeless beauty – hardwoods are the only choice.

Regardless of the flooring you choose, keep your climate and changing weather conditions in mind. Your local flooring specialist can advise you on the best floor for your home.

Happy Holidays and remember…your floor is the first, best, and longest lasting impression your guests will take away regarding your home. Make it a good one.