Foam Floors for Safety and Fun!

Foam is rapidly gaining popularity as the flooring of choice for active families. The applications are nearly limitless as it is ideal for kids’ rooms, nurseries, home gyms, basements, garages, and much more!

Foam flooring is typically comprised of high density Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam. This type of foam is commonly found in materials we use every day, such as children’s toys, flip flops, exercise mats, etc. Until recently, however, high density EVA was primarily utilized in commercial venues such as gyms, daycare centers, or conference halls, but rarely in homes. Now, that is changing as more individuals realize the practical applications of EVA for home use.

Foam flooring provides a soft cushion ensuring that falling children or older adults will land safely. Although soft to the touch, it also provides support for individuals who stand on their feet for prolonged periods due to its anti-fatigue qualities. It is also flexible and shock absorbent for active adults with workout rooms in their homes.

Additionally, EVA flooring is highly waterproof making it the ideal floor for a basement or rooms with excessive moisture. It has sound dampening qualities, is fire and stain resistant and easy to maintain.

So, with all of these terrific benefits is there a downside?

Unfortunately, foam flooring is easily dented by high heels or heavy objects. It is also prone to fading if exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, it is not recommended for all floors in your home.

The bottom line is foam’s versatility, cost-effectiveness, and benefits certainly appear to outweigh its negative qualities as long as the flooring is placed in the correct room for the right reasons.

Next time, we will discuss the different types of foam flooring and maintenance.