For Quality Hardwood Refinishing In Marietta Call Select Floors

For the best results in hardwood refinishing, Marietta, GA homeowners and business owners come to Select Floors. That is quite a statement to make, but we can back it up. And, frankly, when it comes to having your wood floors refinished, the results are what matter most.

It would be a mistake to believe that outstanding wood floor refinishing is not the product of many individual tasks. Each of these tasks is important on its own, but they must all be completed correctly, in the proper order, for the overall results to be satisfactory. And herein lays the problem with some other companies that offer hardwood refinishing services. They may be very good at a few of these tasks, but lack expertise in some others.

At Select Floors, we have hardwood refinishing professionals who are experts at performing each and every one of these important tasks. We know how to inspect a wood floor to determine what needs to be done. We know how to sand the current surface down to bare wood correctly, making sure that we do not leave sanding imperfections that cause problems later on. We know how to remove all of the dust left behind from sanding, to ensure that it cannot be trapped under the new surface coatings. And, we know how to professionally apply new coatings so that your old wood floors look like new again.

These are only the primary tasks that need to be done. There are many, many more that must also be completed during the process. We cannot state strongly enough that the people you hire to do your floor refinishing are a key part of how your floor will look upon completion.

Because our techs know how to do all of these tasks in hardwood refinishing, Marietta homeowners and business owners trust us to do their wood floors. It has taken us years to gain the expertise and experience that we are so proud of and share with our customers who need their wood floors redone.

If you are looking for the best hardwood refinishing Marietta has to offer, come by Select Floors and let's talk about your flooring needs today.