Go Green! Part Two – The Cleaning and Maintenance of Bamboo Floors

Last time, we discussed the emerging popularity of bamboo as a flooring choice for the “green” conscious consumer. As stated, we know that Bamboo is a type of grass, not wood, which carries a myriad of environmental advantages.

Caring for your bamboo floor is not unlike the maintenance of laminate flooring. Manufacturers recommend mopping your floor with a duster and vacuuming or sweeping with a soft bristle broom on a daily basis to remove dust and grit. Sediment tends to build up on the flooring which, in turn, creates an unsightly and dull finish. Your floor’s finish can be permanently damaged if you neglect to do so; particularly in high-traffic areas.

You should also consider placing mats at all exterior entrances. These mats will “catch” much of the harmful substances and help protect your floor in the process. Be sure to clean your mats regularly.

Another tip to maintaining the beauty and finish of your floor is to utilize floor protector pads on the leg bottoms of your furniture. Floor protector pads are recommended for all types of hardwood, laminate and bamboo flooring. If you use wheels, ensure they are comprised of hardened plastic casters with a minimum width of two inches commensurate with the weight of the furniture as metal casters can potentially dent your floors. If someone in your home wears high heels, the same general principle applies. Make sure heels are in good shape as unprotected tips can damage your floor.

Additionally, we recommend utilizing a humidifier to maintain thirty to fifty percent relative humidity in your home. This creates an acceptable moisture level in the wood which minimizes cracks from occurring. The humidity level is essential as too much humidity can cause the floor to swell whereas too little may shrink the planks or create bamboo strips to crack.

If you are dealing with a urethane finish, be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations when choosing cleaners. Be careful if you decide to wax your floor; once wax has been used on a bamboo floor, you will be limited to wax as your only choice for coating. Urethane and other finishes cannot be applied over a wax finish.

Finally, although bamboo, as we know from our previous discussion, tends to be more moisture resistant than other types of flooring, do not use a wet mop or sponge to the clean the floor. If spot cleaning is needed, use a lightly moistened soft cloth to wipe up the spill followed by an immediate buffing of the area.

Follow these few simple rules so you and your family can enjoy your floor for many years to come!