Hardwood refinishing for Marietta homes can save you money

When it comes to hardwood refinishing, Marietta homeowners often turn to Select Floors. Our years of providing outstanding results is perhaps the main reason why homeowners choose us, but there is another reason as well. By taking care of your wood floors, you extend their life-span by many years.

Why is this so?

Any type of damage to the surface of your wood floor can allow water to seep into the underlying wood fibers. If this happens, the fibers can swell or detach from surrounding fibers. These smaller problems can quickly turn into larger problems, if they are left unattended. No one wants that to happen, and fixing these problems is one thing we excel at in Marietta.

As part of our Customer Care Services, we will be happy to come to your home and look at your flooring. We can tell a lot just by inspecting the flooring, and because of our experience, we can offer our advice as to how to best remedy the problem. Many of our customers are surprised to learn that their flooring may not need a full hardwood refinishing job. We have many tools and techniques available to us, and we are experts at using all of them.

One thing is certain, when your wood flooring problem is fixed, you will rest easier, knowing that you solved a problem that could have gone from bad to much worse. And, you will also be pleased that this fix did not cost a lot of money. That is always a good feeling.

One other benefit that our customers love is that if you do have to have a complete hardwood refinishing, Marietta homeowners, you can select a new shade or color for your new floor. If your old wood floor was too dark, we can lighten it, and vice versa.

Why not visit Select Floors today and let's talk about your needs and our services. We can tell you more about why when it comes to hardwood flooring, Marietta, GA comes to us first.