Important Facts about Carpet Installation – Part 2

Last time, we discussed important factors regarding carpet installation which included the installer’s criteria and credentials. Now, let’s focus on the pros and cons of “Do it Yourself” installation and other important do’s and don’ts!

Although there are savings to installing your own carpet (approximately $1.00 per yard), unless you have substantive carpet installation experience, it is unlikely you will encounter a seamless, no pun intended, scenario.

Professional carpet installers will provide written warranties, proof of liability insurance and solid references. If this is not immediately forthcoming, ask them for proof of their credentials and written documentation. If the warranty is not in writing, you will have little to no recourse for improper installation or any damage created as a result. Additionally, the carpet’s warranty is oftentimes contingent on proper installation which is one more reason to ensure the installation process is performed correctly.

Higher education courses are available for certification. The CFI program is well-known in the field. However, if your installer is not CFI certified, it does not mean that he/she is unqualified. A simple reference check and a written warranty should ensure peace of mind.

Another reason to hire a qualified carpet installer is the difficulty arising from the installation of patterned carpet. Patterned carpeting is far more difficult to install than solid colored carpet due to the various patterns which require meticulous attention to ensure the seams line up correctly. This also applies to multi-colored carpeting. Matching up the seams is a job best left to the pros.

Finally, even if you do adhere to all recommendations, obtain the requisite documentation, and ensure your carpet installation is performed by a professional installer, mistakes can and do happen. If they do, you are far better off with a qualified installation expert ensuring those mistakes will be corrected – quickly and efficiently.

So, here’s the bottom line: you are far more likely to have a positive experience if you purchase your carpet from a reputable dealer and trust that dealer to recommend a qualified installer.

After all, Isn’t it worth a small investment of time and effort to ensure your carpeting is laid correctly guaranteeing your family will enjoy a lovely and comfortable environment for many years to come?