Innovations in Flooring – Part Four: Polished Concrete

If you’ve never heard of Polished Concrete, don’t feel left out. Many consumers are unaware of this floor’s beauty, durability and versatility. Let’s review why this spectacular product is rapidly emerging as THE flooring choice for homes and businesses. The reasons are as varied as the available options within the genre.

Polished Concrete is actually a high-gloss finish utilizing a specific methodology to ensure a smooth reflective surface. The resulting floor can emulate polished stone or marble without the high cost or rigorous maintenance. It can be stained to resemble granite with level of sheen desired. Although, the majority of buyers are initially interested in Polished Concrete due to its aesthetic properties, a pleasant benefit is the low maintenance and affordability of these floors.

Polished Concrete can be cleaned with a damp mop and only requires refinishing once a decade. It is resistant to scuff marks, especially in high-traffic areas, and there is no need for waxing…ever. The timesaving aspects are significant. Additionally, the cost is significantly lower than an equivalent marble, granite or similar reflective surface.

But, is it eco-friendly, you may ask? You bet! Polished Concrete does not contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or waxy coatings. Its glossy finish is naturally attained and long-lasting.

With myriad design options, durability, ease of maintenance and relatively low cost, is there a downside to this remarkable product?

Unfortunately, Polished Concrete may not be a viable choice for everyone. With its inherently unique characteristics (no two floors look alike), its propensity for reflection and natural imperfections to show through, those consumers seeking a perfectly consistent floor may wish to bypass the concrete option.

Additionally, the organic appearance which appeals to some individuals may not be appealing to others. It is essential when choosing a surface that you ensure the surrounding décor correlates to your flooring selection. Of course, this rule of thumb should apply to most if not all decorating choices and functions.

Ultimately, the decision is yours: Polished Concrete is simply another choice among a plethora of flooring options available today.