Is There a Difference between Nylon and Polyester Carpeting – You Bet!

And, does it matter? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for with your carpeting. Let’s face it, carpet is important; not only is it a vital design element in the room, your family will be walking and sitting on it for a very long time. Since Nylon and Polyester comprise the two most popular choices in carpeting to date, it’s important that you choose the right one for your home.

So, what is the difference, anyway? In order to make the right decision, we should begin with the differences in the actual fibers. Although both Nylon and Polyester are synthetic materials, there are quite a few differences between the two. Nylon is technically a synthetic polymer spun into a coarse thread to create the weave in carpeting. Polyester can be composed of several different fibers but the most common one utilized in carpeting is polyethylene terephthalate or PET which is a petroleum product spun into threads and turned into carpets.

Although both Nylon and Polyester enjoy similarities as synthetic fibers, they do react differently to wear and tear and stain resistance. Nylon carpets are considered the most durable carpets available. Studies have shown that even in areas with the highest foot traffic possible, nylon carpeting has shown little wear and tear.

Conversely, Polyester carpeting has a tendency to become matted and experience difficulty retaining its original shape. It does show wear and tear in areas experiencing high foot traffic and, hold onto your hats folks, it can actually melt if exposed to high heat.

No kidding.

Therefore, Nylon is obviously the more durable, longer-lasting, and obvious choice, right? Well, not so fast. Although Nylon has the advantage in terms of durability and lifespan, it doesn’t fare nearly as well in the stain resistance department. As it turns out, Polyester is far more stain resistant than Nylon in its original iteration. Nylon is only competitive in the stain resistance arena when specially treated whereas Polyester is virtually stain free without special treatment.

Finally, there is a significant price differential between the two choices. Nylon is primarily utilized in mid to high end carpeting due to its durable qualities. Polyester tends to be found in lower to middle end carpets. Be aware, however, that Polyester pricing fluctuates based on petroleum costs.

So, there you have it. If you decide to purchase Nylon carpeting be sure to have it treated for stain resistance. However, Polyester should still be in the running if cost is a consideration.

The choice is yours but now that you have all the facts…it should be easier for you to make the best decision possible.