Looking for Professional Hardwood Refinishing in Marietta?

For years now, when it comes to getting the best hardwood refinishing, Marietta homeowners and business owners have been coming to Select Floors. Why? Why do so many local consumers hire us to do their wood refinishing work? Here are just a few of the answers to that question.

It all begins with what our customers want. It is not uncommon for any type of hardwood floor to become dull over time. Homeowners and business owners want to bring back that beautiful shine and luster that they had when they first had their flooring installed. In order for this to happen, they need to work with a professional hardwood refinishing team. We have that team.

However, what makes up a professional team? Good question, and one that must be answered before any consumer hires a refinishing crew.

To begin with, nothing can take the place of training. Hardwood refinishing is not a job that just anyone can do successfully, if they have not been trained on the many, many different aspects of refinishing hardwood. Effective training must include a whole range of topics, many of which the average consumer may not even know about. This might include topics such as the proper grade of sand paper to use at each level of sanding; the proper way to sand corners and other hard to reach places; the proper way to control and collect dust (very important, by the way), and on and on.

The second issue that makes a great team is experience. Like any other work, the more one does it, the better they get at it. Our refinishing team has years of experience, and they have faced just about every problem and challenge that can come up, and they have learned how to skillfully resolve these problems. Experience and training are the keys to successful outcomes on the hardwood refinishing Marietta consumers want and deserve.

If your wood floors are looking tired and dull, and you want to bring new life back to them, stop in at our showroom and let's talk about what we can do for you. When it comes to high-quality hardwood refinishing, Marietta comes to Select Floors.