Preparing for the Best: What Every Homeowner Must Know About Carpet Installation

Even though it’s considered to be Atlanta’s largest suburb, Marietta, GA is full of historical landmarks and attractions, such as the Confederate Cemetery and Marietta Square.

The Marietta Historical Preservation Commission is preserving all those neighborhoods, in a step-by-step process to create historical districts: article_3d412198-6e7f-11e7-9ef6-8f126b96c270.html by MDJ Online (Marietta Daily Journal),

Make sure you also preserve your home and the integrity of your floors, with carpet Installation in Marietta, GA, by Select Floors.

Carpet installation is as important as the carpet itself, says Select Floors. That’s because good installation affects the performance of your carpet.

Especially if you think you might one day sell your home (and let’s be honest--is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t think of resale value when looking at homes?), please be assured that nothing--and we mean nothing--can devalue a home as fast as ugly carpet.

There’s a lot of talk about the installer’s responsibilities, but let’s also talk about yours, because there are things you need to do to prepare for the best carpet installation in Marietta, GA, or anywhere else for that matter. They include:

● Complete any other decorating or home improvement projects before installing the carpet. Finish wallpapering and painting; remove breakable objects, put away wiring from the TV, computers, or routers.
● Vacuum the old, to be sure there’s no airborne dust. Don’t forget about the subfloor; that needs vacuuming once the old is completely removed.
● Make sure the installer is following the instructions of the manufacturer; if not, then any damage, even when it’s no fault of the homeowner or installer, might not be covered.
● Open the windows! Be sure there’s proper ventilation, as there will be dust, dirt and glue.

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