Stained Concrete Makes Sense

Last time, we discussed the benefits associated with rubber mats on concrete flooring. But, what if you want to show off your concrete floor? Is it possible? You bet!

Although concrete has been around for a long time, the ability to stain or colorize it is a relatively new concept. The chemical compound consists of mixing metallic salts with hydrochloric acid and water. The acid acts as an abrasive primer ensuring complete penetration of color into the concrete. Following application of the stain, the inherently porous nature of concrete guarantees a beautiful, long-lasting and colorful result.

The actual colors and design variations are limited only by the skill of the artisan administering the process. Until recently, only dull earth tones were available for staining and the ensuing result usually consisted of a one-color, uniform finish. The good news for current homeowners is the techniques and color palate available today far exceed even the most imaginative concepts; fiery reds, brilliant purples and bright yellows among other hues are commonly utilized by those skilled in this arena. Master artisans can manipulate the chemical formulas and apply techniques creating dazzling results which are not only durable but completely unique.

Much like staining wood, no two concrete slabs or floors react to this process the same way. This lack of consistency produces a one of a kind piece guaranteed to please even the most discriminating consumer.

It should be noted that the durability factor is quite astounding. Unlike painted surfaces, stained concrete can retain its color for several decades or more making it a cost-effective option. Additionally, we would be remiss in not mentioning its hypoallergenic qualities.

Health benefits are derived from the lack of carpet-borne allergens; concrete is naturally free of such elements and certainly easier to clean and maintain.

There truly is no downside to stained concrete: the homeowner is guaranteed an amazing, unique floor which not only lasts for many years but also provides an attractive, healthy environment for the whole family!