The Care and Cleaning of Hardwood Floors

People choose hardwood flooring rather than carpeting for a myriad of reasons. Hardwoods convey an essence of warmth and character in your home; there are many different types of hardwoods to choose from containing a tremendous diversity of color, pattern, and grains. However you decorate your home, the sheer visual beauty of a solid hardwood floor is unmatched in its ability to enhance any room in the house.

Among the enemies hardwoods encounter are dirt and grit; both elements can damage your floors by creating dents and scratches. Dirt can also dull the shine and age your floor. Another culprit, water, among other liquids, can warp a hardwood floor and damage the finish. When moving furniture, be sure to lift it so it does not drag on the floor and scratch it. We recommend felt contacts under the legs to help protect your floors. Additionally, if you choose to vacuum your floor, make sure you utilize a brush attachment to avoid dents.

Finally, sunlight, although lovely to behold, can create discoloration. Protect your floor from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays whenever possible.

All of this brings us to the proper care and maintenance of your floors. Regular care is an essential part of maintaining your floor’s beauty and finish. Oil soaps are not advised as they can create build up and interfere with general maintenance of your floor. We recommend that you sweep your floor on a regular basis. Sweeping with a fine-edged broom effectively traps grit and dirt preventing unnecessary damage. If you choose to use a vacuum, we urge you to use the canister vacuums with special bare floor attachments. A good dust mop topped off with the right treatment is also a gentle but effective method for keeping your floors in tip-top shape. The Hardwood Manufacturers Association recommends choosing a dust mop with a 12 to 18 inch cotton head and spraying the treatment on the mop 12 to 24 hours before use.

Hardwoods are among the easiest floors to clean and maintain. By following these simple cleaning techniques, you will avoid damaging your investment and enjoy beautiful floors for many decades to come.