Trackless Floors – Berber, Frieze and Textured Carpeting

If you enjoy the look and feel of carpet but don’t care for track marks left by vacuum cleaners or footprints – you’re in luck!

Trackless carpeting has actually been available for awhile; but as flooring innovations continue to improve at a dizzying pace, your choices are more vast and affordable than before. Truly trackless carpets are designed to absorb and eliminate tracks. Berber and Frieze are two of the most popular styles within the trackless genre.

Berber carpeting typically does not feel as thick or soft as Frieze due to the type of fibers used and construction. Genuine Frieze carpeting is manufactured with extremely high twist levels creating a softer, more luxurious feel. Textured carpets may attempt to emulate Frieze but usually fall short due to the significant reduction of twists per tuft level.

Genuine Frieze actually employs seven to nine turns per inch for each tuft with two piles of yarn in between. Other trackless styles may have only three to four turns per inch and require the use of “stuffer box” yarn and steam to achieve a crimped or curled effect whereas Frieze accomplishes curl naturally due to its high twist levels.

Have you ever run your hand across a cut pile carpet and noticed a direction change in the pile? The ensuing directional change can create a perception of difference in color depending on the light. You have effectively changed the “light reflectance” by this one simple action. In essence, you will note more variation in color when you encounter higher carpet density occuring with stuffer box styles. This is an unlikely event with true Frieze carpeting.

Of course, Frieze generally costs more than other types of trackless carpet but with the additional cost comes longevity and higher performance levels. Stuffer box styles tend to lose their texture over time due to foot traffic. In rooms with heavy traffic, you will undoubtedly have to replace your textured carpet more often.

It is important to know the difference between textured, trackless, Berber, Frieze, and other styles when purchasing carpeting for your home. Trackless carpets tend to be far more numerous and readily available through retail outlets due to cost and other factors. Regardless, your carpet retailer can help you choose the best style and fit for your home.