Tradition Restored

The heart of the southern United States is filled with homes built during the late 18th and the 19th centuries. The primary material use to create the floors in these homes was wood. These floors have withstood the test of time and still maintain their usefulness over 100 years later. In many cases however, they have become worn and scratched. Many would feel that the flooring needs to be completely replaced because of its age. In Roswell, hardwood refinishing is an affordable and practical alternative to complete replacement of the floors.

At Select Floors, we have the hardwood refinishing professionals needed for Roswell and the surrounding areas. Our team of refinishing professionals can go to your home and determine if the flooring is capable of being refinished, and then take on the task of restoring your hardwood floors to their original beauty. The best part is that you have choices available to you on how the finished restoration will look. You can choose to go from a lighter shade of flooring to a darker shade; choose to have a high gloss piano finish applied; or even select a softer matte finish. It is all about your personal style when refinishing the hardwood floors in your Roswell home.

We are not limited to just restoring older floors, we can also refinish newer flooring as well. Our refinishing experts are versed in the manufacturer’s specifications for flooring maintenance and will make sure the floors are finished according to these specifications to protect your warranties.

Engineered wood floors in your Roswell home can be refinished too, because they still have a solid wood wear layer placed over the plywood core, but it is significantly thinner than its solid hardwood cousin. Therefore, it can’t be sanded down as many times before replacement is necessary. It is always good to have a wood refinishing specialist for Roswell inspect the flooring to make sure it is able to be refinished.

Select Floors wants to be the headquarters for your flooring needs, and that is why we offer a hardwood refinishing service for Roswell. Visiting us will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your home.