Why Carpet Wins Every Time

nterior fashions come and go as quickly as the wind changes, but there’s one trusty addition to your home that you will come to depend upon, no matter what – the warmth of luxurious carpet underfoot.

A myth dispelled…

There’s a popular myth that carpeted flooring is bad for asthma and allergy sufferers. Well, at Select Floors we’re here to dispel that. According to DAAB, the German Asthma and Allergy foundation, ‘indoor air in a carpeted room contains less than half the amount of fine particulate dust than in rooms with smooth floors.’ In other words, carpet attracts allergens and dust like a sponge attracts water. Therefore, as long as you vacuum at least twice a week, or more often in high traffic areas, the interior of your carpeted home will contain less dust particulates than one which contains hardwood or laminate.

Source: http://www.carpetfoundation.com/carpet-information/

It’s warmer too!

There’s nothing quite like the feel of walking barefoot on plush pile during the depths of winter, but did you know that carpet can help reduce your fuel bill too? Here at Select Floors, we’re well aware that carpet provides a welcome layer of insulation, keeping the heat in and keeping fuel bills low.

Shush! There’s a baby sleeping!

Padding around on lush pile has other benefits too! Carpeting absorbs sound and so the deeper the pile the quieter the surrounds. Handy when you have a newborn or a teenager or two.

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