Are you tired of the same old, dingy bathroom vanity? Do you wish you could redo your powder room, but don't have the multi-million dollar budget? The great thing is, with cabinet refacing, you don't need a mega budget. All that's required is a little imagination and some very stylish ideas. Check out our Select Floors tips for cabinet refacing on a budget, provided by our amazing Marietta and Roswell, GA showroom pros. 

Spice Things Up With Gold and Silver Tones

Though you may not be the queen of England and enjoy a golden throne in the bathroom, there's no reason you can't liven up the joint with some gold or silver finish. Nowadays, these bright colors are very much in, though many homeowners opt for matte tones, or subtler variations on this theme. Not too sure about this look? No worries, add gold and silver features in the bathroom or powder room, be it light fixtures or wallpaper, and keep the vanity a creamy shade of off-white.

Stripes Make Everything More Exciting

Yes, it's true, stripes do make everything more exciting, including cabinet refacing! Go on, liven up that dark, musty-smelling room with some true pizzazz. Undoubtedly, it's an element that will have your visitors impressed by your high sense of fashion and interior design. If you're searching for a major facelift (for your bathroom), this look screams "trendy and original!"

Dark Tones With Lighter Decorative Elements

Here's an idea that's not as "all out" as the first two options: Choose dark tones for your vanity and use lighter decor selections to contrast. For examples, one hot idea right now is navy blue vanities paired with deep creme wallpaper. If you're scrunching your face at the image, give it a chance, because it's truly a combination of elegance and fashion-savviness. The great thing about this stylish duo is, the darker aspects also minimize the need for constant cleaning. So, in the end, this alternative saves you both time and energy in the maintenance department. Now, isn't that worth the consideration? But really, combining the lighter tones of the creme wallpaper, and the navy hues creates a rich environment you don't normally see in a lavatory. How's that for class?!