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How to Determine the Quality for Your Carpet Installation in Marietta

A quality carpet installation will add beauty to your home, but shopping for it can be a little tricky. Sure, you look at things like color, texture and feel-to-the-touch, but there’s really--to quote a cliché--a lot more than meets the eye.

You need to thoroughly understand the characteristics of quality carpet, acknowledge how their characteristics can change, depending upon the circumstances, and then know how they all work together; in other words, take a “holistic” approach. It’s the proper combination of those factors that all work together to contribute to overall quality.

And that's how you get a carpet installation in Marietta, or a carpet installation in Roswell home, you’ll get one that promises the best in performance, durability, and longevity at Select Floors.

Here are some of those ‘hidden” factors to consider:

● Weight: Also referred to as “face weight,” it means the weight of the carpet per square foot. This has been marketed to death so, unfortunately, many have come to equate weight with durability. Yes, a heavier weight does mean more yarn, but that only means something when you’re comparing the same fibers; for instance an Olefin sample may weigh more than nylon, but their performance is vastly different.
● Density: This means how closely the fibers are stitched together. Again, make sure you’re comparing the same fiber and, very important, the same style, because durability sometimes changes with style. For instance, Olefin in cut-pile is not terribly resilient, so it’s best for low-traffic areas; however, If it’s in a looped style, like a Berber, it becomes ultra-durable and even as close as possible to being stain-proof.
● Fiber: This is a huge factor in the carpet’s quality. All fibers have different characteristics, with some fiber types working better in certain situations than others. Again, think of Olefin: In cut-pile is not that tough, but it is really durable when it’s a Berber.

Common synthetic ones include nylon, polyester, olefin (polypropylene) and Triexta. Naturals, like wool and sisal are used less often, but are still considered viable options by the carpet industry.

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