Keep Your Carpet Looking Gorgeous With a Professional Carpet Installation

Here we go with more Halloween fun! Walking tours, “evil dead” musicals, drinks with Dracula, ghost stories and more, are just some of the fun things you’ll be able to do this month: by MDJ (Marietta Daily Journal) Online staff.

We can only imagine the amount of preparation that goes into something like this, but that’s the case with any stellar event.

In fact, some even say the preparation is the most important part of anything.

If you want your carpet to look great, you need an expert carpet installation. That’s found at Select Floors in Marietta, GA. Carpet is a beautiful addition to any home, and it shields noise while providing a soft, cushy floor on which to walk, but you want it free from those ugly bumps, ripples, uneven seams and edges, right?

The best carpet installation is done right the first time around!

Sure, it’s always tempting to save money. Trying to do it yourself, or going with the cheapest installer, may end up costing you money in the long-term. Here’s why:

1. Professional carpet installation is done by certified installers. That means they must have been in business for at least two years, and they complete tests that cover both flooring installation, as well as government and business standards. That alone eases your mind of worries, but you’ll also know that you can have some recourse if there are problems in the installation.
2. In a perfect world, every room would be an even square. It’s not a perfect world, though, and you’ll also have to deal with odd shapes, baseboards, closets, doors and more. That means you need someone who really and truly can measure precisely.
3. You want to be sure any mistakes are covered by the manufacturer warranty. If the installation isn’t completed according to their specifications, that may not happen, even if the mistakes are through no fault of the homeowner!
4. Carpet’s a wonderful investment, but a poor installation will only hurt the product and decrease its value. When you really think it through, poor carpet installation is poor return on your investment (ROI)!

Come into Select Floors and we’ll show you how to create your dream home. We have showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, GA.