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Keep Your Carpeting Clean With These Top Tips!

Keeping a carpet installation clean can be challenging, especially with kids and pets in the house. While your Great Dane tends to track mud throughout the living room, your little ones seem to always get PlayDoh deeply embedded in the surfacing fibers. At Select Floors, we've heard it all, from spaghetti stains to gazpacho fiascoes, not to mention Fido's sensitive stomach issues. As such, our showroom experts, located at Marietta and Roswell, GA, decided to come up with a few top tips to help you maintain your beautiful flooring. 

Treat Spills and Mishaps Immediately

When possible, treat spills and mishaps immediately to lessen the likelihood of en-grained stains. As you can imagine, the longer a substance sits on surfacing, the harder it is to get it out, if at all. In the event of a stain, utilize a product that is specifically approved for use on your fibers. 

Start a Remove-the-Shoes Campaign

Many homeowners feel awkward about asking people to remove their shoes before coming inside. However, this is at the top of the list of things that can indeed save your surfacing from an early demise. There's really no need for drama, just supply visitors with their choice of slippers once they're inside. Still shy to uphold the no-shoe rule? Then consider the ramifications of bacteria, pollen, and allergens that are continuously tracked into the home, harmful toxins that result in health issues. 

Enough said?

Vacuum Up a Storm as Often as You Can

Don't ever skip this step, as it will guarantee your fibers get clean quickly, thus reducing the chance of embedded dirt causing discoloration. A carpet installation in Marietta, GA, can last for years to come if you take the time to vacuum it regularly. Twice a week is a bare minimum, with more frequency in high foot traffic areas. Use a crevice attachment on your vacuum to get those hard-to-reach in-between spots around furniture, and the base of walls. Those are places that collect a lot of pet hair and dust.

Party Hard in the Back Yard

Organizing a family get-together or holiday bash? Why not take the party outside to the backyard and skip all that foot traffic on your carpet installation in Roswell? Also, with a cooler full of drinks on the deck and a sign directing visitors to the closest bathroom, you'll ensure folks don't traipse on your surfacing more than need be!