Roswell schools are back in session again, but this year we have two new schools for our kids to learn in and enjoy. This is good news for everyone in our area, and improves the overall Fulton County School System. We read some interesting facts recently about our schools and thought we would share that with you.

“ROSWELL, GA -- It's that time of year again! School bells will soon ring across Fulton County as classes resume on Monday, Aug. 8. The Fulton County School System continues to be the fourth largest school district in Georgia, with a projected 2016-2017 enrollment of approximately 96,500 students – an expected increase of about 800 students from the previous school year.”

Source: <a href="
">2 New Roswell Schools Open On Monday</a> by Kristal Dixon.
It is hard to believe that over the years, our local school system has grown to 105 schools. We all want our children to learn in safe, clean environments, and keeping up with increased student enrollments by building new schools is one way to do that.

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