Pebble Tiles Part II – A World of Versatility

Previously, we addressed the amazing world of Pebble Tiles; their beauty, versatility, and ease of care are clearly beneficial. But, how many kinds are there and what on earth can you do with them?

For starters, Pebble Tile is unbelievably prolific; there’s plenty of it and it’s available in a wide array of styles, shapes, and interesting designs. Their use and application is limited only by your preference and imagination.

So, what are our options? Natural Pebble Tile is a popular choice. These tiles are usually available in their natural states mined from beaches across the world. Applications are varied ranging from outdoor settings to showers and baths. Their surfaces are not always flat or even so bear this in mind when choosing these tiles.

Conversely, Sliced Pebbles consistently display a flat and even surface. These tiles are individually cut or sliced to reflect the look and feel of natural pebbles in a flat surface. These tiles are ideal for any room in your room with a complimentary décor.

Glazed Tiles are treated with a high gloss sealer providing a brilliant shine or “glaze” for extra definition. The appearance is striking and oftentimes provides the focal point in a room.

Polished Pebbles are similar to Glazed Tiles in appearance but far more slippery when wet; use extra caution and adequate grout if applying to showers, baths, or pool areas. These tiles are available in exclusive colors.

Finally, we come full circle to Mosaic Stone Tiles. These tiles are not comprised of pebbles, but are similar in look and feel. Traditionally, Mosaic stones are flat and available in both natural and high gloss finishes.

Stone Tiles are a gorgeous and striking accent for any home; regardless of application, these tiles are suitable for many rooms and available in a myriad of colors and designs. Clearly, the inherent versatility of the tiles easily utilized both indoors and out, will make them a consistently popular option in homes for many years to come!