The Design of the Room Begins with Flooring

Wow! There are some great new home listings in Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas:
Source: Marietta Patch.

Whether you’re looking for a new home, or if you simply want to refresh your existing one, always remember that design starts with the flooring! That will set the theme.

Also remember that the flooring installation is often as important as the actual product.

When you want carpet installation in Marietta, go to the experts at Select Floors.

Professional carpet installation is right for you if:

● You want the job done correctly the first time around. The professional carpet installer will know exactly how to measure; most rooms are not a perfect square shape, and there are also adjacent spaces, such as closets. Not to mention that you’ll have to think about baseboards, trims, and door heights; the last thing you want when the job is finished is to not be able to open and close doors properly!
● You don’t want to learn about all those specialty tools needed for carpet installation. By the way, do you know what a carpet knee kicker is???
● You don’t want to pay retail for supplies. Professional carpet installers buy in bulk, so you save money.
● You want peace of mind with the warranty. If the carpet installation (or any flooring) isn’t done to the manufacturer’s specifications, any mistake, even those not the fault of the homeowner, will most likely NOT be covered by their product warranty.
● You want the seams lined up properly, and don’t want to see things such as carpeting jutting against the wall.
● You’ve never installed carpeting before. It’s not good enough to say “well, I’ve installed other types of flooring.” Each type has different requirements, needs different skills and knowledge of specific tools.

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