carpet installation Marietta, GA

Think Twice Before Installing Your Own Carpeting!

At Select Floors, our Marietta and Roswell, GA showroom pros have met a lot of homeowners who want to attempt a DIY carpet installation. Marietta, GA homeowners typically end up regretting this move, and for a very good reason. What's so complicated about carpet installation, you may ask? Simply put, pretty much everything about it is complicated, unless you're a seasoned pro. Still convinced it would be better to attempt a DIY to save a bit of money? Please, set aside the tool belt and put down that staple gun, and take a few minutes to read through our informative article.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
Didn't know that fiber surfacing materials come with a warranty? Well, they do, but they're usually only valid if you opt for professional carpet installation. Roswell and surrounding areas should instead hire an expert crew, assuming you'd like to keep that warranty!

Expensive Machinery and Tools
Do you really want to drop a load of cash on tools you'll most likely never use again? Think about it, how often will you need to use a seam roller, knee kicker, industrial trimmer or staple gun? Add up all of the costs, and see for yourself. In the end, it just doesn't make sense. Spending money in the hopes of saving a few bucks? Unfortunately, it often doesn't work out.

Industry Experience and Expertise
Professional teams know how to handle any type of floor, whether it has bumps, lumps or holes, and they'll know exactly how to fix an issue. Sorry, but those YouTube videos, as fun as they are to watch, can't possibly make you a seasoned pro in the matter of a few hours. Would you be able to perform life-saving surgery if you watched a few videos online?

Less Material Waste
For carpet installation, Marietta residents may not know how to take accurate measurements, and end up purchasing either too little or too much material. Again, that could be a huge waste of money. Luckily, with experienced teams, you'll avoid the headache of having to acquire the necessary amount of materials.