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Three Steps to a Smoother, Less Expensive Carpet Install

Let's have a little chat about carpet installation, Marietta, GA and more specifically, how to save yourself some hassle and maybe even a bit of money along the way. Installing new carpeting in your home is a great way to transform the aesthetic of your home, while at the same time improving indoor air quality. Unfortunately, the process can be a bit hectic and more than a little disruptive to your day to day business.

Here at Select Floors, we thought it would be nice to provide a little advice from the pros on how you can reduce the headache and, hopefully, save a bit of cash in the process. Here are three steps you can take before your crew arrives, to make your experience as smooth as it can be.

Save Some Money on Labor by Tearing Out Your Own Carpeting

The first thing you may want to consider is whether or not you want to perform your own tear-out. This is a great way to dodge a reasonable portion of your labor costs, and it isn't nearly as difficult as many people think it is. Though it is a bit time consuming, it is a great way to save a pretty penny on your overall costs. Here are a few tips:

• Avoid excess airborne dust and allergens by vacuuming before you start.

• Remove the carpet and padding in strips, instead of all at once. Use a utility knife and be sure the blade is fresh. We recommend 4-foot strips.

• Investigate the proper disposal of old carpet before you begin.

• Once the padding and carpet are thoroughly removed, be sure to sweep or vacuum the subfloor.

Move the Furniture Yourself

Most companies will offer furniture removal as part of the price, but this will take time and increase labor costs. So, you might want to consider removing the furniture yourself to avoid this. Some people who own larger pieces prefer to move the smaller stuff themselves, and let the professionals handle the bigger items.

If you have something extremely large such as a piano or pool table, you may need to hire a professional service apart from your install crew. In this case, confer with your carpet installers before making the call.

Finish All Other Remodeling Jobs Before Moving on to the Carpets

It's a good idea to make the carpet install your last project, if it is part of a larger overall remodel. This will avoid any unpleasant accidents such as spilled paint, or wood stain, and excess dust and dirt being tracked over your new carpet.

Looking for a Professional Carpet Installer?

If you are looking for professional carpet installation in Marietta, GA, or a carpet installation in Roswell, GA, Select Floors hopes you will consider us for the job! We have served over 5,000 customers throughout the area, and our reputation is sterling. Simply call, e-mail, or stop by one of our showrooms in Roswell, GA or Marietta, GA, to arrange for a consultation and estimate. We hope to see you soon!