Recently, we discussed various cleaning methods for tile and grout surfaces. There is no doubt that dirty, dingy grout can ruin the appearance of even the most pristine floor. If you have attempted to clean your grout to no avail, consider using colorants and pens to bring that new floor sheen back to life!

Grout colorant can cover up even the most unsightly and stubborn stains. You can try a grout paint as well; however, be aware that we do not recommend using the paint for touchups. Colorant is more versatile in this regard. Colorants are readily available in three basic colors: black, white, and gray. White colorant is the most commonly used of the three since white grout typically requires the most attention. Regardless, be sure to choose the colorant which matches your floor grout.

It is advisable to apply two coats of colorant to the disaffected area. After applying the initial coat, wait a minimum of two to three hours before the second application. Ensure your floor is completely dry before allowing regular foot traffic on the surface. Be aware of floors with inherent moisture such as bathrooms. It is vital that the grout is allowed to dry fully before water spills on its surface.

Another option for tough stains is a grouting pen. Grouting pens are actually filled with paint or colorant but are easier to apply and disposable upon completion of the project. Most grout pens contain enough paint to cover anywhere from 90 to 120 linear feet. Various size tips are available to match your grout’s width. Once again, two full applications are usually necessary.

The benefit to the pen is ease of use, disposability, and lack of messiness or potential spills during application. The benefit of regular grout colorant or paint is a little goes a long way and proves more cost-effective overall.

Whether you choose regular colorant or a pen for those particularly stubborn stains, we recommend cleaning of your tile and grout on a regular basis. Keeping your tile floors clean not only ensures less potential mold and mildew growth, but an easier task for the homeowner when the time comes to tackle those pesky stains.