What Is Vinyl Flooring and Different Types of Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl Flooring has become one of the popular choices in commercial and residential settings as it combines comfort and performance with natural styles. Vinyl Flooring is a durable and waterproof flooring which looks like hardwood or stone. vinyl flooring is made up of multiple layers which aid in design, and durability making it ideal for commercial space.

Some of the advantages of Vinyl Flooring are –

  • Natural look – because of digital printing, vinyl flooring looks authentic, therefore it sometimes becomes difficult to discern beweep vinyl flooring and its natural analogue.
  • Provide premium performance – they can resist scuff and scratches and also perform well to handle moisture.
  • Innovative installation
  • Well equipped

Once you are convinced that vinyl flooring is good for your house, now it’s time to check different types of vinyl flooring which are available in the market. These floorings are very easy to install and are suitable in various conditions. Therefore, here are some of the different type of vinyl available –

Vinyl flooring planks

These planks are designed to give the floor the look of hardwood without much cost. These planks offer great stain resistance and are very easy to maintain than that of traditional hardwood flooring. Vinyl planks are used as an alternative to the real hardwood flooring, vinyl planks mimic different types of wood species, texture and colour. These planks are waterproof and they can be locked to prevent moisture.

Vinyl flooring tile

Vinyl tile looks like stones and ceramic tiles. These tiles come in single squares of different sizes, which can be easily assembled and it is a great type of flooring to do it yourself.

They are very easy to replace when one is damaged. These tiles can also be used to arrange a pattern. They come up with peel and stick installation and can completely transform the look. You can even fill grout to fill between the tiles which will provide you with a ceramic visual.

Luxury vinyl planks

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVP) is one of the affordable, wood look, waterproof floorings which possesses great texture and warmth. They are installed with peel and stick or can be clicked together. LVP are of great quality and they are wear resistant. They are designed to look like real stone or wood and have more practical benefits than that of natural material.

Luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles, also known as LVT, capture the same modern trends which are generally found in hardwood planks or natural stones. From these tile flooring, you can find a genuine look at a very eco-friendly price. These tiles can also deliver the high-end look of marble or travertine at the same time they are comfortable, snuggly and softer under the foot.

When you are choosing vinyl flooring, you need to select a sturdy layer if you have a higher traffic area. These layers have a urethane-based top coating and finish which provides defence against dents, scrapes, scuffs and stains. The thicker will be the layer more durable your vinyl floor will offer you. The great part of vinyl flooring is that you find a large selection of formats, designs and colour.

When you are ready to get started, you can contact Alpharetta luxury vinyl installation to work directly with one of the most experienced and helpful flooring experts.