When Accident Damages Your Home in Roswell

There are many ways a home can sustain damage. Sometimes we call them acts of God, other times we call them accidents. Regardless of what they are called, a damaged home is both heartbreaking and in need of repairs. Recently, a home in our area experienced a fire. The story read:

ROSWELL, GA -- Five Roswell firefighters had to be treated in connection to battling a fire that ignited Thursday evening at an apartment complex. The fire was reported July 21 at Ashley Forest Apartments on Nesbit Ferry Road. Roswell Fire Marshal Paul Piccirilli said it appears the fire was "weather-related" and damaged several units. The firefighters were not injured, but were transported due to concerns over heat-related issues, he said.”

Source: <a href="http://patch.com/georgia/roswell/roswell-apartments-damaged-fire
">Roswell Apartments Damaged In Fire</a> by Kristal Dixon.
When local homes or businesses need hardwood refinishing, Roswell comes to Select Floors. There can be many causes for hardwood floors to become damaged. Stains, denting, scratches, and faded surfaces are only a few of the reasons wood floors may need refinishing. The good news is that when it comes to hardwood refinishing, Roswell has access to a very professional service, found at our flooring store.

One of the more common reasons people come to us for their hardwood floor refinishing is because of dulling. This loss of shine happens to virtually all solid wood flooring systems at some point in time. It can show up as a dull luster that covers the entire floor area, or it may only be present in certain areas such as those where sunlight hits the floor on a daily basis, or where rugs have been in place for a long time. In all cases, however, our team can resolve the problem and bring your wood flooring back to life.

It is also good to keep in mind that when it comes to hardwood refinishing, Roswell homeowners can change the color tone of the flooring during the refinishing process. Let's say you had a lighter color tone (stain) but now would like a darker tone. When we do your refinishing, we can apply virtually any color tone that you may like. This gives you a great chance to change the appearance of any room with wood floors. We have a great line of stains and coatings for you to choose from, and this makes it very easy for you to get the perfect shade of color that you want.

If your wood floors are looking timeworn, or if they have damage of some sort, come and see us at Select Floors. It is a fact that when hardwood refinishing becomes necessary, Roswell homeowners and business owners come to us.