waterproof flooring

Where to Install Waterproof Flooring

Six years ago, the Northeast learned that everyone can experience flooding. That’s when Hurricane Sandy barreled through New York and other nearby states, demolishing homes and creating a months-long vista of storage pods, house-raising and other construction.

You can have flooding caused by appliance leaks, wet towels, frequent spills, damaged drain pipes and natural (often unexpected) weather events--and that means you can use waterproof flooring.

Some materials are 100 percent impervious to water. Tile is one such example, but not everyone’s budget will allow for it, so here’s some good news: Luxury vinyl is also a waterproof flooring. Highly stylish, it’s an incredibly realistic impersonation of wood, stone or tile.

It’s also more affordable than tile or wood, as well as highly durable, easy to clean, and resistant to scratches and stains.

It looks gorgeous in any room, including the bedroom, living room or den where wood, tile or stone looks can be spectacular. But Select Floors of Marietta says to pay special attention to:

Laundry Rooms: They’re tiny, but have always been problematic spaces, because of vulnerability to damage from so many sources, including spills, drops and dents, appliance leaks, mold and mildew growth, etc.

Kitchen: This room takes a lot of punishment. Not only do things like food, pots and pans and other items get dropped, but there’s heavy foot traffic; spilled water dishes from pets; appliance leaks (the dishwasher is often a prime culprit); leaky pipes (and sometimes the one in the kitchen is also connected to other rooms either upstairs or down); pull-toys, crayons, markers or other objects from playing children.

Keep in mind also that if your kitchen opens to a patio or deck, your kitchen can experience collateral damage from their leaks and puddles, or from damaged drain pipes.

Basements: This is tricky, because in warmer climates like Georgia, the newer homes don’t have basements. However, if you live in an older one, or if you insist on having one built, you might. The basement, or any room below grade, is a high-moisture area. It can also be high traffic, depending upon its use, and that requires exceptional durability.

Want to know more about waterproof flooring? Feel free to come into the Select Floors showroom in Marietta GA, so we can tell you more.