Winter Storm Hits Georgia but Marietta Gets Lucky!

Many southern states were recently hit with some harsh winter weather. Georgia was not missed, and some parts of our state were hit hard with power loss, freezing temps, and icy roads. We in Marietta were blessed by not having too much snow fall upon us, but icy roads did cause much trouble in our area. The one thing that we all need to keep in mind is that this may very well be a bad winter for all of us, as we move forward in time. A story that illustrates our most recent winter storm spelled it out:

“Downtown Marietta was left icy and quiet Saturday morning after a winter storm rolled metro Atlanta. The storm was expected to bring up to 4 inches of snow to the area but failed to do so. The only thing it left much of was hazardous road conditions, which state authorities continue to fix.”


When hard winter weather hits our area, many homeowners find that they need hardwood refinishing. Marietta has many homes that have wood flooring and wood flooring is very prone to damage during winter time conditions. For instance, anytime you track hard bits of debris stuck to shoes onto wood flooring, you risk scratching or marring the wood. Another issue is the tracking in of de-icing chemicals that can damage the protective coating of the surface. In cases such as this, hardwood refinishing can solve these problems, if the work is done properly.

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One last thing that we must say, is that when wood flooring is damaged, it does not get better on its own. In fact, you can expect your flooring to become more damaged over time if small problems are not corrected in the early stages. It does not have to be like this when you hire us to restore your flooring now.

If you would like to know more about our services, visit with us at one of our showrooms (Roswell and Marietta, GA) and we will be happy to explain our services. We can also tell you why it is that when it comes to quality hardwood flooring, Marietta homeowners come to us.