All Hands on Deck ~ More Than Wood

In our second installment on appropriate flooring for decks, we now turn to all the different materials available ~ it’s not just about wood, anymore!

Believe it or not, plastic, metal, and composite combinations of wood and plastic are viable options for decks. More than durable, these materials can withstand years, if not decades, of wear and tear due to heavy usage and climate conditions.

Granted, many folks believe wood is far more attractive and we do not dispute this position; however, if durability and value exceed your need or desire for aesthetics, consider the possibilities. There are literally dozens of deck flooring materials comprised of wood, metal, plastic and wood/plastic combinations. Wood, as discussed, remains the most popular option. Although less expensive, initially, we now know that the ensuing care and maintenance can be costly.

The second most popular material is composite decking. Albeit a distant second, it is, nevertheless, an option which should be considered. Composite decks are molded from a mix of plastic and wood. The wood is comprised of different species; however, the plastic is usually composed of polyethylene or vinyl materials.

Plastic decking is rarely completely plastic in nature; materials such as polystyrene, polyethylene, and fiberglass are often utilized. Some of these decks are water-resistant and provide excellent protection from rain and other weather-related elements. Others are not as water-resistant. Your flooring specialist can provide direction and advice regarding this matter.

Metal decking is the least popular option among homeowners. Oftentimes derived from aluminum, it is not very attractive or comfortable to walk on. Additionally, the initial cost for installation tends to skew higher than other materials although the care and maintenance is minimal.

Speaking of cost, care and maintenance, that is what we will discuss next time! We will review the different decking materials so you can determine which one works best for you and your family.