An Unusual Option – Peach Pit Floors

Here’s a green flooring option we bet you haven’t considered: Peach Pit Flooring. That’s right, floors made out of recycled peach pits. No, it’s not April Fool’s Day yet; there is actually a company in South Africa which created this new flooring concept and we admit that we’re intrigued.

Although bamboo, cork, and other materials are well-known and widely used; peach pits are a relatively new innovation in eco-friendly flooring products. They are easily replenished and the production process for recycling is not overly arduous.

Stone Fruit Floors of Cape Town in South Africa is behind this fascinating phenomenon, and we decided to dig a bit deeper and uncover more information to see how these floors could provide that extra bit of pizzazz for the environmentally-conscious and discerning consumer.

As it turns out, these floors are handmade to create an extraordinary and unique end product. In other words, no two floors are ever the same. The pits are glued on by hand and filled in with a generous mixture of sand and resin. Urethane seals the floors and provides a smooth finish. So smooth, in fact, that the floor is comfortable for all manner of shoe wear and bare feet alike. According to the company’s Facebook page, “The sharp edges of the {pits} are grinded off, firstly to expose the warm red colour hue of the {pits} and secondly to make it very comfortable to walk on with bare feet. The floors are thus fully “handmade” and with a low carbon footprint.”

Although urethane is not considered green, peach pits are certainly a renewable resource and readily available. Another positive aspect of these floors is their unique look and feel – certainly a conversation piece in any home.

As with any other fixture in your home, you will need to take your lifestyle and other relevant factors into consideration before deciding to purchase and install a flooring product. After all, you and your family will live with your decision for a long time so be sure to do your homework and weigh all your options prior to purchasing any flooring product.