Back to School: Best Flooring for College Dorm Rooms

Think back to those carefree days when the most you had to worry about was acing that pesky calculus final or finding the perfect outfit for a first date. The last thing your college-age son or daughter is thinking about is how to choose an appropriate carpet for the cold, dull tile floor which is, inevitably, the type of flooring utilized in dormitories.

While a beautiful Persian or silk rug would certainly turn heads, it is not a good idea to spend an inordinate amount on floor covering which is likely to experience heavy foot traffic and can be easily damaged. The good news is that several options are available which are affordable, attractive and durable. Colorful area rugs are available in a myriad of patterns and fabrics. Cotton is an affordable material and easily cleaned. A simple vacuuming should suffice and spot cleaners, if needed, work well. Wool is more expensive but equally durable and easy to keep clean. Synthetic area rugs are readily available across a wide spectrum of designs. Synthetics are commonly comprised of polyester, nylon, or polypropylene. Although these rugs are generally heavy-duty and stain resistant, be aware that they can vary greatly in quality. Be sure to choose a rug that will not fray or lose its shape easily.

Another viable and cost-effective option for dorm room floors are carpet remnants. Most flooring specialists have remnants in stock. Remnants are oftentimes left over from large rolls and retailers may offer deep discounts on these extraneous pieces in order to clear their inventory and create space for new products. If your goal is to create an eclectic space, these remnants may be the way to go. You can purchase several different patterns for a fraction of the cost and the design possibilities are nearly endless!

Regardless of whether you choose area rugs or carpet remnants, the ensuing result will undoubtedly please even the fussiest young family member in your life. Keep it fresh, colorful, and fun; the student in your life will thank you!