Best Ways to Keep Your Tile Floor Clean

In our continuing series on grout and tile, we will discuss additional methods for cleaning your floors which are not only a good idea but easy to do and affordable!

We know that cleaning tile floors can be challenging, but as our earlier posts indicated, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore. Here are a few simple cleaning tips to ease this often neglected, but necessary task.

Start with a thorough dry sweep. It is essential your floors are completely dry and devoid of liquid (especially in kitchens and baths) before using cleansers. A simple sweep with a broom and accompanying dustpan ensures removal of loose dirt and dust. Regular sweeping will help the frequency of heavy-duty cleaning as well.

Don’t forget to ensure the floor is completely dry AFTER applying cleansers as well. As previously discussed, we recommend using natural ingredients whenever possible. Not only is it eco-friendly, it extends the life of your floor whereas harsh, chemical-infused cleaners damage your floor over time. One of our favorites is a distilled water-lime juice combination consisting of one part lime for every three parts of distilled water. This time-tested solution is also effective on stains. An added bonus to this natural cleanser is the fresh smelling scent permeating your home.

Bathrooms require usage of a disinfectant before applying a natural cleaning solution. If bleaching is necessary, consider baking soda. You can line your entire bathroom floor and tile walls with baking soda as needed.

With just a bit of effort (and regular cleaning) on your part, you will not only save a lot of unnecessary elbow grease, you will ensure sparkling and clean tile floors for years to come!