Blissful Carpets – Check Out the “Nicest Carpeting in the World®”

If you haven’t heard of Bliss Carpets, you’re not alone. It’s a well-kept secret among consumers but most carpeting professionals are a huge fan of this innovative and incredibly durable product.

Beaulieu of America manufactures Bliss Carpet and, according to their website, is the largest “carpet only maker” on the planet. Globally, this company, which has produced carpets for several decades, is renowned in different countries across several continents. But, here’s the best part – they manufacture their carpeting right here in the United States!

So, what makes this carpet the “nicest” in the world? Well, quite a few features, actually. For one thing, the Bliss line carries the “Green Smart®” certification; meaning that it is eco-friendly, polyester carpet fiber, derived from recycling water and soft drink bottles originating from landfills. You’ll find “Green Smart®” used in select Bliss carpets.

Another attractive and related feature is the “Green Label ® plus Certification.” All Beaulieu carpets proudly carry this certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute. This certification denotes that Beaulieu carpets emit VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) well below minimum safe requirements. The Green Label means your carpet has been tested and proven to meet indoor air quality criteria.

Other great features include the carpets’ anti-static, stain resistant, and odor-reducing properties. The Bliss line contains exclusive features designed to extend its lifespan and durability. Not only is it treated to resist stains and repel odors; its anti-static properties increase the comfort level for your family and pets.

An exclusive Bliss feature is the “Silver Release®” component contained in carpets within the Beaulieu line. It is an antimicrobial built-in carpet treatment. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold. Ask your local flooring company which carpets in the Bliss line carry this special feature.

The Bliss line of carpet is extraordinarily soft to the touch. The special fibers utilized in these carpets are called “SoftSense®“. This unique Beaulieu fiber creates a carpet guaranteed to be the softest material you have ever felt under your feet!

And, speaking of guarantees, Beaulieu offers a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee.” If you aren’t happy with your Bliss line of carpeting, Beaulieu will replace your carpet, no questions asked. It’s just that simple.

Check out the Beaulieu line of Bliss carpeting today and FEEL the difference! After all, doesn’t YOUR family deserve the best?