Call on Select Floors for Carpet Installation in Marietta

Select Floors, with showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, GA, are the flooring experts, carrying only the finest in high-quality carpets. Rest assured, we only carry flooring from well-known, trustworthy manufacturers in a multitude of colors and styles. Do you have questions about carpet installation in Marietta? We can help you! We've got tons of carpet experience, and can provide you with information on any carpet type on the market, including:

Plush Carpet
Plush carpeting provides a warm, cozy feeling for your feet and is luxurious to walk on. Since there are tiny trusses that are spaced closely together, plush carpet offers that cushioned sensation. Do you have any areas in your home, such as the living room or nursery, where you spend time sitting on the floor? Then this would be the ideal carpet to install in those spaces.

Frieze Carpet
Frieze carpet is particularly durable, because of its tight twists and near-perfect density, making it an excellent flooring option. Those unique tight twists give frieze carpeting a distinctive appearance, a wonderful option for homeowners with active children or pets that want an appealing, easy to maintain carpet.

Berber Carpet
Berber fiber carpet is very popular, because it is an incredibly comfortable flooring. Not only is Berber carpet inexpensive to purchase, but Berber's tough and durable fibers keep it looking as new as the day your carpet installation in Marietta occurred. What's more, it's even resilient to allergen spores and bacterial growth.

Loop Carpet
Loop is one of the top choices for carpet installation in Marietta offices, as it has tight, short fibers that make it very strong. It requires minimal maintenance and can hide dirt very well. Loop carpet also helps to prevent moisture from seeping into and damaging the flooring below it. It is a very cost-efficient, long-lasting, ultra durable carpeting choice.