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Carpet Installation: Six Reasons it’s Still Number One

Ever wonder why, after all these years and all the debates by the design experts, carpet is still the preferred installation choice for your Marietta home, or any home, whether it’s in GA or elsewhere in the country?

The simple answer is that carpeting is beautiful, is suitable for any environment from traditional to coastal, and is highly functional.

There are several more reasons, however, and Select Floors is here to tell you about them!

1. It’s a great sound-muffler. It buffers noise between floors, whether it’s footsteps or beeps from electronic devices. It mutes sound from outside. So here’s the bottom-line: Especially if you have a home office, carpet will always be the best type of installation in any home, be it Marietta or any state in the union.
2. It insulates for temperature. It has this remarkable ability to retain both cool and warm. We know it gets pretty hot, but if you use air conditioning, you’ll have a pretty chilly carpet installation in your Roswell home.
3. It’s good for health. What it does is trap the pollutants and gross things like dust mites and insect fragments. They stay deep into the fibers until you get a professional steam cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you vacuum every day, because a vacuum won’t get deep enough into the fibers, which also gives you a hint of just how far down they are trapped.
4. It provides a “no-hard-fall” guarantee. Because it’s a soft surface, you won’t need to worry about the kiddos or elderly falling. If they do, it happens on a cushy surface, so there are no injuries. It also provides traction, so if you have a pet who loves to run, there are no worries about slipping and sliding; if the pet is elderly, that soft surface will be much appreciated!
5. You get a large assortment of colors and styles. The mind tends to automatically go toward “nylon” when it comes to fibers, but there really are quite a few, including polyester, olefin and wool. There are also various levels of plush, as well as styles, such as loops and cut and loops. As for colors, well, even shags (remember the gold and green colors) got a color palette transformation in the early 2000s.

Come into the Select Floors showrooms in Marietta, GA, so our pros can tell you more.