Carpet Remnants – A low price alternative for high quality carpeting

As the economy continues to struggle, many homeowners are discovering ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. One such method is to consider utilizing carpet remnants rather than expensive, new carpeting on a roll.

Carpets remnants are carpeting which is left over on a roll following a carpet installation. Storeowners will oftentimes sell these remnants at significantly reduced pricing in order to eliminate the inventory space. Additionally, if a homeowner is on the fence regarding new carpet installation due to cost considerations, this option can alleviate those financial concerns.

Remnants are available in a wide array of sizes, colors, designs, and styles and enable you to mix and match opening up additional décor options and possibilities. With the ability to carpet an entire room or simply purchase a small piece to utilize as a runner or doormat, purchasing remnants will accommodate any need or budget. Granted, you will still need to pay for installation, but your overall cost will be sharply reduced.

We recommend that you measure your room in square feet to determine the amount of carpeting required as remnants are typically measured in square feet at the store level. Figuring out square feet isn’t difficult; it’s a matter of applying a simple formula: to determine your square footage, multiply the length of the area by its width. For instance, if a room is twelve feet long and ten feet wide, your square feet equals 120.

You certainly don’t need a mathematics degree for that one! So, the remaining costs incurred will consist of possible shipping and installation fees. The potential savings will dramatically impact your bottom line and your pocketbook!

Your local retail outlet is the ideal source to purchase carpet remnants. Keep in mind that most retailers will be happy to help you choose the perfect carpeting for your needs in this truly “win-win” context! They get to reduce their inventory subsequently lowering overhead costs and you get to reap the benefits of beautifying your home at a considerable savings.

It doesn’t get much better than that!