Carpet Trends for 2013

The floors of your home probably see a lot of traffic, especially if you have children and pets. But in combination with other elements like pictures, art, furniture and other adornments, your carpet helps to create the ambiance of your home.

Geometric Patterns

Modern style is just that modern. And geometric patterns are one of the components of contemporary style. With simple furniture color choices and patterned carpeting, your room will have some attitude and style! This look has been hot throughout 2013, and we’re probably going to witness it continuing in popularity throughout 2014.

Earth Tones

With getting back to nature becoming so popular, natural elements and colors have been and still are trendy for this year. There’s so much you can do with an earth tone since beige matches everything and so do many other earth tones.

Eco-friendly Carpeting

Going green, and not installing green carpeting, has been fashionable for quite some time now. People are always looking for ways to help the planet. With this carpeting, you can find a great deal of styles that aren’t harmful to the environment.

Dark Colors for Hallways

This trend just makes sense. Your hallways receive a lot of traffic in your home, so the darker shades will help preserve the look of the carpeting for longer. Plus, a dark color really stands out, so you can make a statement.

Low Pile Carpeting

Low pile carpeting, also referred to as low profile carpeting, was gracing floors all over the country in 2013. This carpeting is a durable option, so it’s great for large households and ones with pets. Plus, it doesn’t get dirty easily, so for those who dislike cleaning or who have limited time for housework, it’s an ideal option. Lastly, this carpet’s price makes it a budget friendly option, especially considering how long it lasts.


You may think, “Boring!” when you think of the color gray; however, cool shades of gray have been in style this year. The dirt doesn’t show on them the way light-colored white and beige does. Additionally, this hue matches almost any other color, so you’re not limited on your decorating options and you can make a change to a new style of furniture or decor easily.

Multicolored Carpeting

Multicolored carpeting makes a bold statement. It’s unique and tends to keep clean, depending on the colors. Not to mention, it can be used in various different decor types.

No Carpet

Yes, that’s right! A naked floor with a shiny, see-through coat maybe has been all the rage throughout 2013. It’s easy to match any type of furniture with it, and hardwood floors are much easier to clean.

These types of carpeting are the hottest options during 2013. You can expect to see most of them remaining strong in 2014 as well.

For all of your trendy flooring needs, contact us today about our wide selection of colors, textures and styles. We also offer more traditional flooring options as well.