Carpeting made from…Coconuts?! Oh, Yes!

In the fourth installment of our series on carpeting alternatives derived from natural sources, we will explore the popular carpets and area rugs created from coconut husks. It may seem difficult to believe but countless cultures throughout Asia and India, in particular, have been weaving beautiful carpets and rugs from coconut husks for untold millennia!

Coir, as the extracted material is called, is a golden fiber which is both durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The extraction process has been honed to perfection in areas where coir production supports entire communities. References to coconuts date back to antiquity in India where it is widely revered as an essential component in both religious and social rituals. Human ingenuity being what it is, it was inevitable that a completely practical application would be discovered for this widely available and easily replenished fruit.

Among its many advantages is the ability to easily dye the fibers resulting in a multitude of brilliant colors and designs. The design capability for this versatile product is nearly limitless due to its natural ability to retain vivid coloring via the dyeing process. Breathtaking hues of reds and orange along with cooler blues and teal shades are not uncommon. Fortunately, these carpets and rugs are available in standard sizes as well.

Another benefit to these attractive rugs is their natural ability to resist soiling and staining. They are also flame-retardant, moth-proof, resistant to bacteria and easily maintained. Coir rugs are unaffected by moisture or dampness and are virtually static-free.

An important aspect to these versatile carpets is the type of weave; the vast number and type of weaves are astounding. This amazing versatility results in carpeting which is appropriate for any décor; be it a casual, informal environment or a more formal setting, there is a coir carpet or rug which is ideal for any room in your home.

Tough, durable, beautiful, and practical…these rugs have it all! Check out the benefits of coir carpeting and enhance the beauty of your home…naturally!