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Consider These 4 Key Factors Before a Carpet Installation

Before purchasing new carpeting, you may want to consider a few essential things to select the best type of soft surfacing. While updating your home increases the value of your property, you'll need to do a bit of research to ensure a smooth transition. Assessing elements such as lifestyle, climate, existing decor, and function, will help you go a long way towards the perfect end result. At Select Floors, we aim to provide you with excellent customer support, so let our showroom pros give you the following advice for a smooth carpet installation in Marietta. 

1. Lifestyle
One of the most important factors before selecting a soft surfacing is to think about your lifestyle. Before a home remodel, consider your daily life, activities, and hobbies. Do you have children or pets? Do you have a lot of people over or parties? Do you run, cycle or exercise at all? If your home will be a very busy area with a lot of foot traffic, then you would preferably select a carpet installation in Roswell that's stain-resistant, possibly even waterproof, to make your life much easier cleaning-wise.

2. Climate
Climate and humidity levels play a huge role in picking your surfacing material, unbeknownst to many people. Is your house often cold, or do you live in a darker, well-treed lot that creates a cooler space? If so, consider a soft surfacing for a more comfortable home. Perhaps, you live somewhere that's quite humid, like near a beach or lake. In these instances, you'll definitely need to think about which kind of soft surfacing would best suit your environmental situation.

3. Existing Decor
The fact of the matter is, you cannot decorate your house without taking your surfacing material into account. As with your walls, what's underneath your feet and spreads throughout the entire room (or possibly your entire home) plays a large role in the visual presentation of your residence. Thus, to create a continuous look, opt for neutral tones or grays that act as a backdrop that incorporates all aspects of your decor. 

4. Function
Lastly, the function of a room is another key element in soft surfacing selection. Each space has a unique function, so keep this in mind. Bedrooms and living rooms, areas where people go to relax and unwind, ideally have surfacing that's soft, comforting. In high foot traffic areas like the halls or stairs, you'll want something more tough, rugged, and ideally stain-resistant.