At Select Floors, we often have customers ask us if it is cheaper to buy new wood flooring, or to choose our professional services in hardwood refinishing. Marietta homes, believe it or not, have a lot of wood floors in them. This is especially true in many of our older homes, but new homes have hardwood flooring as well. The common issue in all wood flooring is that wood dulls over time, and these floors are also susceptible to various types of damage. Here is how we answer the question of new flooring over refinishing:

In some rare cases, replacement of the wood flooring may be the less expensive course. But these cases are rare indeed, and are most often seen in homes where the roof has leaked a great deal and the water was left to stand. When this happens, the wood fibers can become so damaged that the resulting swelling and cracking cannot be repaired. But, as we said, this is rare.

For most homes in and around Marietta, GA the problems are much less severe and include dulling, fading, small dents, gouges, and scratches from pets or moved furniture. The good news for anyone who has these types of problems with their wood flooring is that Select Floors can take care of all these problems, and make that old wood flooring look like new again.

When you visit our showroom in Roswell, GA, we can tell you about our refinishing services, and arrange for an in-home inspection and estimate of costs. Our professionals will look at your flooring, and offer the best advice, even if that means not signing up for our services. We are here to help, and that is precisely what we do. When you need the best hardwood refinishing in Marietta, come visit us before you sign with anyone else.