Don’t Replace, Rejuvenate

There are many places where you can buy an old home with some historical value involved. The Great Northeast, for example, where the bulk of the original 13 colonies were located, and the birthplace of our government. However, few areas can boast the history of the south. States in the south are a forgotten part of the original 13 colonies, and in the civil war, they were mostly the focus of great battles and military strategies.

It makes sense that the homes in this region are old and usually have hardwood flooring throughout. Some of the flooring is original and still stands up to the day- to-day foot traffic and general wear and tear of living. These floors have a character that can’t be replicated by new flooring, so replacing them would be sacrilegious. That’s where hardwood refinishing for your Marietta home comes into play.

Hardwood refinishing for a Marietta home will rejuvenate the flooring, bringing the character and warmth of the wood back to life, while allowing a new finish to protect the wood for many more years to come. Your wood floors don’t need to be a hundred years old to have this service performed. Hardwood refinishing on a Marietta home’s floors can be done periodically to help prolong the life of the wood over decades. When you have hardwood refinishing done in your Marietta home you don’t have to stay with the color and finish you originally had on the flooring. Instead, you can have a new finish and color placed on the floor to create a bold new look, or to subtly enhance the feeling of the room.

At Select Floors we understand the need to have your flooring enhance the overall design of your living space. With that in mind, we offer our hardwood refinishing service to help you achieve your design dreams while saving money compared to the replacement cost of new flooring. Re-using the current flooring is also environmentally conscious; since it stops trees from being cut down to make replacement planks for new flooring. So come see us at our Marietta GA, showroom. You’ll be glad you did.