Easy Does It!  These Are Common, Trouble-Free Challenges With Your Carpet Installation, Marietta

Easy Does It! These Are Common, Trouble-Free Challenges With Your Carpet Installation, Marietta

No matter what the debate says, carpeting is still the most popular floor covering, and it’s as functional as it is beautiful. It adds style and richness to any design, and it is soft and easy to stand on (not to mention, easy to fall on!) and absorbs sound.

You might notice a few things that will concern you, but fear not, they’re all easy fixes. Here are some troubleshooting tips from Select Floors, but feel free to come into one of our showrooms in Marietta or Roswell, GA, so we can tell you more.

Most of these things can be avoided in the first place with proper maintenance. Vacuum regularly, follow the manufacturer's instructions and get regular professional cleanings, and, easy-peasy, you’ll have something that will stay beautiful for a long, long time.

Okay, now for the “dictionary” that will help you deal with problems in your carpet installation, Marietta:

● Tangling. Especially when you experience heavy foot traffic on your carpet installation, it just may not look as plush as it once did. It can look disheveled, and the fibers will become “untwisted.” Avoid this by making sure you vacuum and clean regularly, and if it still happens, a professional cleaning will probably do the trick.

● Dips and dents: Those are just marks left by heavy furniture when it’s in the same place for a long time. The best way to avoid that is to move the furniture around at times! Sometimes those little “glides” under the furniture legs help as well.

● Sprouting. Sometimes it looks like the yarn is coming out of the carpet, and there might even be little holes. While this needs to be addressed, it’s not necessarily a huge problem. It’s often a common occurrence when an installation is new, because it wasn’t trimmed properly. Sometimes, however, you might need to replace the carpet installation, Roswell.

The best way to deal with this is to immediately call your retailer for the best and simplest way to handle this.

● Buckling. This is probably the most common thing that’s seen. It occurs most frequently in heat and humidity, and all it means is that you need to stretch it. Give your flooring retailer a call to schedule a time for this to be done.

As always, Select Floors is there for you; there’s a reason why we got featured in “best of Atlanta” Magazine! Give us a call today and we’ll address your concerns.