cabinet refacing

Familiarize Yourself with This Cabinet Refacing Information

If you’re a homeowner that’s in the market for a brand new look for your kitchen space, it could be that cabinet refacing is just what you’ve needed. You’ll get the great new look you’ve been wanting without all the hassle of a full remodel. Better still, choosing a company that knows a thing or two about this type of project makes the experience much smoother, with high quality results you’ll love.

Select Floors has more than fifteen years of experience in the business, with many satisfied customers served in that amount of time. Our staff is very knowledgeable about our products and services, and will be able to assist you with exactly what you need to both start and finish your project. In fact, we invite you to come visit us at either of our showroom locations in Marietta, GA and Roswell, GA.

Important Facts about Cabinet Refacing

Having your kitchen cabinets refaced is a simple procedure. Solid wood panels will be selected according to your chosen style, design and color specifications. Then they will be attached to both the sides and the fronts of the cabinets you already have in place. You’ll actually be keeping the structure that is already there, while completely transforming the looks and feel of your kitchen. For the perfect final addition, you’ll be able to select brand new cabinet hardware, such as hinges and handles.

On the outside, a kitchen cabinet refacing will look as if you’ve had a complete remodel done. The only difference will be that nothing has moved or changed places. Still, it will be as if you’ve purchased and installed brand new cabinets. The quality of the refaced doors, drawer fronts, staining and finish, will be enough to shout “new kitchen” to all of your guests.

One of the best parts about this project is that none of your cabinets need to be removed to accomplish the job. You can actually continue to use them, so your kitchen can go on functioning in a normal way while the project is carried out. This shaves off weeks of inconvenience normally experienced during a full on kitchen remodel. That, in itself, is enough to make up the mind of almost any discerning homeowner.

Overall, this method is much quicker, easier and more affordable than a full remodel. It’s definitely something you’ll want to put a pin in.