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For a Smashing New Look, Match Kitchen Floors to Cupboards

The latest craze in kitchen redesigns calls for matching flooring to cupboards. Sounds a bit crazy, does it? Well, interior designers believe that pairing these two aspects of a kitchen, leads to some incredibly eye-catching results. And why not, they say, when cupboards and floors take up so much space? But to make your remodelling a total success, you'll need to coordinate their design elements, or run the risk of a kitchen fiasco! At Select Floors, we want to make sure your kitchen makes the neighbours jealous, so stop by our Marietta or Roswell, GA showrooms to get the scoop on all things kitchen.

Step one starts with style coordination. Basically, you'll want to try and match the overall design of both elements to draw the kitchen together. For a contemporary appearance, pair tiles that have narrow, clean lines with sharp, slab-style cabinetry. On the other hand, couple wood-grain cupboards with flooring that have bold lines, such as slate.

Though you're trying to match two major kitchen elements, don't be fooled, it's the flooring that balances out room color. If you're hoping to have many eccentric shades in your kitchen, opt for flooring that matches the darkest aspect of coloring in your pattern or design.

The size of your flooring, be it tiles or planks, will link to the appearance of your kitchen cabinetry. Generally, antique-style cupboards work best with smaller sized flooring, like ceramic or vinyl tiles. Modern kitchens that have a sleek, minimalist design, pair well with long, wide wood planks or over-sized floor tiles.

Instead of New Materials, Try Cabinet Refacing
Cabinet refacing is another exciting option for kitchen renovations. With this technique, you can redo your cupboards to look like anything your heart desires. Cabinet refacing takes something old and gives it a total makeover. After this, you won't recognize your cupboards! Opt for cabinet refacing if you're looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly renovation.