Marietta carpet installation

For Home Gyms, Should You Opt for a Vinyl, Rubber, Foam or Carpet Installation in Marietta?

With so many available flooring options on the market, you may not know which one to pick for a home gym, from rubber to foam, vinyl to carpet, for installation in Marietta. It might even seem like a herculean task to select the ideal flooring for an exercise room. However, with this helpful guide, you can learn more about the top four most popular exercise floor solutions.

Carpet Tiles: Believe it or not, the most popular type of flooring in the USA is carpeting. With its ease of maintenance, comfort, and budget-friendly price tag, it's no surprise. Low pile carpet is terrific for home gyms and is particularly useful in areas that require workout movement. Another carpeting option is carpet tiles, as they are easy to care for and can be replaced in sections if needed. Regardless of the flooring type, be it tile or carpet, installation in Marietta is quick and painless with a professional crew.

Rubber Flooring: Another cool alternative that is all the rage is rubber flooring, which comes in tiles or rolls, and is available in some pretty funky colors. Hygiene-wise, rubber is easy-to-clean, so cleaning up water and sweat will be a cinch. If you're looking for something inexpensive and eco-friendly, recycled rubber will cost about $0.99/square foot. The premium stuff, also known as designer virgin rubber, will cost around $4.00/square foot.

Foam Flooring: Those who are looking for a softer, more cushioned flooring may want to get to know foam mats and tiles. This flooring, which is also available in interlocking puzzle-shaped pieces, offers one of the most cushioned surfaces. Foam comes in varying colors, design and patterns, as well as thicknesses to suit diverse forms of exercise.

Vinyl Tiles: Over the years, vinyl tile has come a surprisingly long way. Originally, these tiles were for use in garages, but with so many modern technological advances in the flooring industry, vinyl tiles have risen to the forefront of flooring design. For a multipurpose, flexible, cushioned, comfortable surface that's simple to maintain and naturally resistant to mold and mildew, there's no need to look further than vinyl tiles.

Select Floors can help you narrow down which ideal flooring would best suit your home, no matter the room. Stop by our Marietta and Roswell, GA showrooms and find out if your home gym could use vinyl tile or carpet installation in Marietta.