For the Best Hardwood Refinishing, Roswell Comes to Select Floors

At Select Floors, we understand all the aspects of the hardwood refinishing process that Roswell homeowners and business owners deserve and demand. Because we know that there are several decisions consumers have to make when they decide to have their valuable hardwood flooring refinished, we make it a point to spend as much time as needed with our customers. We do this so they can make the best decisions. One of the more important aspects we help our customers with is the selection of their new finish.

It should be said that when it comes to hardwood refinishing, Roswell homeowners and business owners have options as to the type of finish they want applied to their floors once the prep work is completed. Consumers will often get the best long-term results when they select a finish that meets their lifestyle as well as their maintenance preferences. Let's take a closer look at these two decisions.

To begin with, all hardwood floors will require some level of maintenance. However, the level of maintenance required can vary from one type of finish to the next.

We can begin with what is called the “sheen” level. Generally, the types of finishes that you choose will offer you three levels of “sheen”, or shine, if you prefer. This is not always true, but, generally, you will be able to select a finish and a shine level to go with that finish. There are four sheen levels:

Gloss sheens will give you the most shine and is able to truly reflect sunlight. This type of sheen will require more maintenance (usually by buffing) than the other types of sheen.

Semi-gloss sheen level will still provide a nice shine and can reflect light, but not as much as gloss sheens. This type of sheen requires less maintenance than gloss, but to look its best, it will need more maintenance than the next two levels.

Satin sheen is very popular with homeowners and business owners as it gives a warm, deep appearance that it not too shiny but not dull either. Maintenance depends of how much foot traffic it has to handle.

Lastly, there are the matte sheen products. This is sometimes referred to as a flat finish, as it does not reflect much light at all.

As you can see, when it comes to hardwood refinishing, Roswell consumers have options. We want to help you make the best decisions when you are looking to have your hardwood floors refinished.

Next time, we will look at some of the surface finishes that are available. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the hardwood refinishing Roswell consumers get when they hire us, visit our showroom or give Select Floors a call.